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Healthy Eating - Disease  Prevention

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Food as medicine. Healthy food to eat

 You must  know this

Every day we consume food - fuel and source of energy for our bodies. Foods are distinctly different in nutritional values, therefore, to make healthy choices, we have to carefully examine what we  are eating. Everyone heard - "you are what you eat"
Its  is absolutely true that a Healthy Eating - Disease prevention. As we want to help ourselves to overcome illness, we must also consume our food as medicine.

 A Healthy Diet is critical  in the prevention and  treatment of diseases.  No one can deny that this preventive measure is in our hands. Choosing the right foods and knowing their healing properties, can be your best means of prevention and protection from diseases.

Information about how to use food as a medicine and understanding that healthy eating is a real disease prevention. Healthy food to eat - important information to keep your health in a good condition.

Herein, you will find useful information about the wonderful preventive and  healing properties of food. The most common diseases  result from a poor diet. Prolonged deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals, lead to various diseases and disorders. At the same time, a healthy diet is the best defense against diseases. Researchers and scientists are discovering more and more the healing properties of food. The right foods can be even better than drugs, while not injuring internal organs. Healthy eating should be an integral part of our way of life. We can not change  the composition of the air we  breath on the street, but we can control the content of the food we eat.




Studies have shown that food affects the activity of the brain and affects mood. Food can slow down or speed up the thinking processes and may be the cause of depression or elevated mood.


Certain foods can cause intense growth of cells that can be cancers. Conversely, other foods promote the formation of antibodies that stop the growth and kill carcinogenic cells. Even after the formation of cancer cells, nutrition can inhibit or even kill them.











Ability of food:


 Striking pathogens and viruses as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs.

 Contribute to the formation of interferon in the body and cells that kill infection.

 Strengthen the immune system, increasing resistance to disease.

 Prevent the formation of stomach ulcers.

 Facilitate breath, expanding the airways.

 Prevent  cataract formation and glaucoma.

 Treat costipation and diarrhea.

 Promote the resolve of blood clots and thin the blood.

 Reduse the level of cholesterol in the blood.

 Stimulate the production of insulin and affect blood sugar levels.

 Contribute to the development of hormones that increase the flexibility of blood vessels.

 Provoke headaches and eliminate them.

 Cause asthma attacks and prevent them.

 Release substances contributing to the development of rheumatoid arthritis and on the contrary - reduce pain and swelling. 


You will not find a disease or a natural process in the body, that would not be affected from what we eat. Meals always prove to be of paramount importance for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and restoring health and strength!


Following are examples of common foods that  have wonderful  preventative and healing properties. 

Tomato!  Isn't it a miracle, that a product, so familiar to us - the tomato - is the main source of the anti - cancer substance - antioxidant lycopene ?  This substance has the ability to stop the reaction of oxygen free radicals. Researchers have found that tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer of the pancreas and cervix uteri, and reduce cholesterol. They also have a mild laxative effect. A healthy diet is not complete without including these wonderful vegetables.

tomato for healty diet  and disease prevention
poduct of healthy diet and disease prevention

Eggplant!  Eating eggplant helps to protect the cardiovascular system and reduce cholesterol. It also has a therapeutic effect on the kidneys because it helps to regulate the water/salt balance in the body.  Eggplant also has  mild diuretic and antibacterial properties. Further, it is very beneficial for use by people with renal and heart conditions. Due to it's healing properties, in the East it has long been called a vegetable of  longevity!


Garlic ! It is difficult to imagine a healthy diet without this product! It strengthens the immune system and protects us from diseases because it kills intestinal parasites, viruses and bacteria. It also possesses estrogenic and diuretic qualities, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels and prevents thrombosis. Carlic contains anti - cancer agents and antioxidants. It also has anti-imflammatory and antispasmodic properties that heal vessels, strengthen the gums and stops them from bleeding.  Note : Raw or pickled garlic has stronger healing properties than heat-treated garlic. 

It is hard to overestimate his medicinal properties!

Vanga about garlic :  As long as garlic is on the ground, the earth will live! 

  Garlic  - diseases prevention

​Broccoli !  A great source of antioxidants, including beta - Carotine, vitamin C, quercetin, glutathione, indols and lutein.  It is a strong anti-cancer agent, especially for cancers of the breast, colon and lung. It is also helpful for diabetes because it is very rich source of chromium, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. Further, it has anti - ulcer and anti-virus properties. Attention! To maximize it's benefits, eat broccoli raw or lightly cooked. High temperatures destroy antioxidants !


Apples!  It is true - an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Apples lower cholesterol and contain anti-cancer substances. They also have anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, bactericidal and estrogenic effects. Further, apples are rich in fiber, thus preventing constipation.

 Apple for healthy diet and disease prevention

Pumpkin  Pumpkins, often associated with festive autumn celebrations, are more than just a seasonal delight. They are nutritional powerhouses that can play a crucial role in supporting liver health. For individuals with liver diseases, incorporating pumpkin into their diet can offer numerous health benefits  Liver  health and pumpkin

This website is intended for informational purposes only and not as a guide for self-treatment. Always consult your physician.


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