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Pasta with Parmesan


Sex and Food

  Strange, but true! Food contains hormones and can impact their levels in the body. This means that food can affect sexual activity, libido, fertility, the timing of menopause, and also the predisposition to cancer associated with sex hormones (breast and prostate). Wheat bran, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, beans and alcohol cause changes in the level of the female sex hormone estrogen. Such foods can be a factor in the monitoring and treatment of estrogen levels.  The amount of fat consumed, also affects the male and female sex hormones. Studies have confirmed the negative effect of fat on the libido by lowering the production of the male hormone testosterone.


Professor of Endocrinology W. Meikle in Salt Lake City (USA), conducted an experiment and found that testosterone levels dropped by 50% after drinking milk shakes for which 57% of the calories were from fat. For these same men, the testosterone level remained the same after drinking milkshakes with only 1% fat content. The doctor concluded, "Fatty foods cause double damage for sex by reducing the production of testosterone and leading to obesity, which lowers the interest of men to have sex." Also, "high fat diet leads to blocking of the arteries, including those that lead to the penis, particularly during erection. Blocked arteries are one of the major causes of impotence," in the opinion of the doctor. 

 Improving the Quality of Sperm
Pasta with Parmesan

An insufficient sperm count together with their lack of activity and pathological changes are some of the main causes of interfility. Most often this "bouquet" accumulates with age. Research was conducted into the factors influencing the improvement of sperm quality by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Texas Institute, USA. It was found that a deficit of vitamin C reduces the production of sperm by the sex glands. It was also found that vitamin C improves sperm quality and protects against infertility.


For example, it is known that men with agglutination (bonding) of sperm by 25%, can not  conceive children. In  an experiment, such men were prescribed 1.000 mg of vitamin C per day for 2 months. The results were spectacular!  The sperm count increased by almost 60% and their activity increased by 30%. Most notably, the wives of all these men got pregnant after the experiment!

A study by doctors from the University of Texas, dedicated to finding ways to improve the quality of sperm, determined the necessary amount of vitamin C for the renovation and improvement of sperm quality. A 1000 mg. dose of vitamin C acted three times faster than a low dose of 200 mg. However, both doses were effective for the recovery of sperm. The required amount of vitamin C 
to improve sperm quality varies for each man depending upon prior exposure to various factors  such  as  environmental  pollution and  smoking.


Also, infertility in men is often attributed to aging of the human body. It is understood that vitamin C can heal infertility only if there are no other problems.

 Foods which improve the quality of sperm

 It is  best to take vitamin C with  food, and not in the form of pharmaceutical preparations. The  products  (in grams) in the table below, each  contains about 200 milligrams of vitamin C, the minimum per day that necessary for improving sperm quality:

200 gr. wild garlic  200 gr. strawberry  3 kiwis      150 gr. Brussels sprouts     100g currants   200g of boiled broccoli

for improving sperm quality
source of vitamin C to improve the quality of sperm
Киви для улучшения качества спермы
source of vitamin C
food to improve sperm quality

150gr. of parsley 2 glasses of orange juice     100g of red bell pepper                     30 gr.of rosehips                100 gr. of sea-buckthorn

food to improve sperm quality
Апельсиновый сок - источник витамина С
product for improving sperm quality
source of vitamin C
for improving sperm quality

The antioxidant Glutatione is also involved in  protecting  sperm from damage and improving sperm quality. Foods rich in glutathione can be found hereImproving the quality of sperm is very important to protect the unborn fetus from birth defects

​No matter who is the father of​​​ your illness, the mother of it is unhealthy food.(Chinese saying)
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