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 Sugar in Blood

 Believe it or not, onios are a very old and time-tested remedy for the treatment of diabetes! Studies have proven the highly effective property of onions to reduce sugar levels in the blood. Experiments were performed in India, where  patients were treated with onion juice and whole onions (from 25 to 200 gr. of onions). It was found that as more onions were included in the diet, the more blood sugar levels were lowered.  Both raw and cooked onions were beneficial. It is not clear, whether onions influence glucose metabolism in the liver,  stimulate  production of insulin, or protect it from destruction. The assumption was made that blood sugar levels were reduced due to the presence in onions of the substances  allicin and allyl propyl disulfide.

In 1923 substances were found  in onions that destroy sugar. Later, in 1960, studies succeeded in isolating antidiabetic compounds that stimulate insulin synthesis. In experiments on rabbits, these onion extracts had an effect equal to 77% of the usual dose of Tolbutamide.



Репчатый лук снижает содержание сахара в крови
onion therapy

  Most people do not consume the required daily dosage of chromium (from 50 to 200mg.) Lots of chrommium is found in mushrooms, nuts, whole grains, rhubarb, brewer yeast, beer, wine and broccoli. A cup of broccoli contains 22 mg. of chromium, which is 10 times higher than any other product!  In Irag, barley has been used for treatment of diabetes. The reason is simple - barley is rich in chromium!

Spices increase insulin activity !
Корица усиливает активность инсулина.
Специи в питании для диабетиков.

  Dr. Anderson (U.S.) found that various seasonings stimulate the activity of insulin, which leads to lower blood sugar levels. Laboratory tests  were conducted to determine the activity of insulin in the presence of different ingredients. It was found that four spices increased insulin activity by three times - cinnamon, turmeric, bay leaf and cloves. The strongest effect is exerted by cinnamon.


These spices should be included in your diet to reduce sugar levels !

Curry seasoning contains  fenugreek seeds, which have long been used to treat diabetes in India and in the Middle East. Scientists of Indian National Institute of Nutrition examined the effect of fenugeek seeds on type 1 diabetes. They found that blood sugar and cholesterol levels decreased.


Conclusion ?  The diabetes diet can benefit from including curry seasoning!

Kefir and Buckwheat

Did you know that raw buckwheat with kefir lowers blood sugar levels and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the pancreas?


1. Pour low fat kefir  over washed and dry buckwheat (it is better to put it through a coffee grinder)  in the evening. Let it soak for at least 8 hours.

2. Eat buckwheat with kefir for breakfast. Do not eat or drink anything after this breakfast for 4 hours.

3. The duration of such a diet is at least a week.

This website is intended for informational purposes only and not as a guide for self-treatment. Always consult your physician.


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